Indiana Civil War Medal of Honor Recipients

Nearly 39 of Indianas' Civil War Soldiers (listed below) were awarded the Medal of Honor for acts of bravery and heroism. The names of the soldiers and their regiment are listed below.

More information about the Medal of Honor and the Awardees can be found at Medal of Honor Citations from the U.S. Army Center of Military History. Entries are listed alphabetically, with the entire list for the Civil War divided into 2 parts (A-L, M-Z). Each of the two files is about 350 Kbytes in size. Most entries show the following information about the recipient:

Medal of Honor Recipients - Indiana
Name Rank & Regiment
Anderson, Marion T. Capt. 1st Indiana Inf Co. K
Archer, James W. 1st Lieut. 59th Indiana Inf
Armstrong, Clinton L. Private 83rd Indiana Inf Co. D
Banks, George L. Sergeant 15th Indiana Inf Co. C
Blasdell, Thomas A. Corl. 83rd Indiana Inf Co. H
Box, Thomas J. Captain 27th Indiana Inf Co. D
Bruner, Louis J. Private 5th Indiana Cav. Co. P
Buckles, Abram J. Sergt. 19th Indiana Inf Co.E
Chamberlain, Orville T. Captain 74th Indiana Inf Co. G
Chisman, William H. Sergt. 83rd Indiana Inf Co. I
Davis, John Private 17th Mtd Inf Co. F
Dougall, Allan H. 1st Lieut. 88th Indiana Inf
Evans, Corren D. Private 3rd Indiana Cav Co. A
Fout, Frederick W. 1st Lieut. 15th Indiana LA
Graham, Thomas N. 2nd Lieut. 15th Indiana Inf Co. G
Helms, David H. 1st Lieut. 83rd Indiana Inf Co. B
Holmes, William T. Private 3rd Indiana Cav Co. A
Hough, Ira Private 8th Indiana Inf Co. E
Hudson, Aaron M. Private 17th Mtd Inf Co. C
Johnson, Ruel M. Major 100th Indiana Inf Co. S
Jordan, Absalom Corpl 3rd Indiana Cav Co. A
Kendall, William 1st Sergt 49th Indiana Inf Co. A
Kirk, Jonathan C. Capt. 20th Indiana Inf Co. F
Kuder, Jeremiah Lieut 74th Indiana Inf Co. A
Lawton, Henry W. Capt 30th Indiana Inf Co. A
Lynch, John B. Private 3rd Indiana Cav Co. K
Opel, John N. Private 7th Indiana Inf Co. G
Overtuf, Jacob H. Private 83rd Indiana Inf Co. K
Rood, Oliver P. Private 20th Indiana Inf Co. B
Russel, Milton T. Capt 51st Indiana Inf Co. A
Ryan, Peter J. Private 11th Indiana Inf Co. D
Seston, Charles H. Sergt 11th Indiana Inf Co. I
Shepherd, William Private 3rd Indiana Cav Co. A
Smalley, Reuben Private 83rd Inf Co. F
Steinmetz, William Private 83rd Indiana Inf Co. G
Sterling, John T. Private 11th Indiana Inf Co. D
Taylor, Richard Private 18th Indiana Co. E
Thompson, William P. Sergt 20th Indiana Inf Co. G
Whitehead, John M. Chaplain 15th Indian Inf Co. S

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