Battle History


                                                         MANASSAS GAP, VIRGINIA
                                                           JULY 21-22, 1863.

                                          Manassas Gap, Va., July 21-22, 1863.  Reserve Brigade Cav-
                                         alry, Army of the Potomac.  In the pursuit of Lee after the
                                         battle of Gettysburg, this brigade was detached from its divi-
                                         sion at Rectortown with orders to occupy Manassas gap.  On the
                                         21st the gap was taken and the summit held while the 1st U. S.
                                         cavalry pushed on toward Front Royal and engaged the enemy in
                                         superior numbers.  The 5th and 2nd U. S. cavalry were sent to
                                         reinforce the 1st and in the skirmish which followed 27 of the
                                         enemy were captured.  The following day there was continual
                                         skirmishing, although no concerted attempt was made to drive
                                         the Federals from their position.  No casualties were reported.

                                                      Source: The Union Army, vol. 6


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