Battle History


                                     PORT REPUBLIC, VA
                                     JUNE 8TH - 9TH, 1862

                 Port Republic, Va., June 8-9, 1862.  1st Division,
                Department of the Rappahannock.  Port Republic is a town
                situated at the confluence of the North and South rivers where
                they form the south fork of the Shenandoah river.  The South
                river is easily fordable and at the time of the operations in
                the Shenandoah valley in 1862 it was spanned by a wooden
                bridge.  During the pursuit of Jackson in the valley Brig.-
                Gen. James Shields commanding the 1st division of the
                Department of the Rappahannock learned that the Confederates
                were awaiting a lowering of the waters of the river.
                Accordingly he ordered the 3rd and 4th brigades and 14 pieces
                of artillery, all under Col. Samuel S. Carroll, to proceed to
                Port Republic and guard the crossing, hoping thus to get
                Jackson, between himself and Fremont.  At 6 a.m. on Sunday,
                June 8, Carroll's advance approached the town, which was
                occupied by a small cavalry force, and in a brilliant dash
                across the south stream the Federal cavalry drove the enemy
                out and across the bridge spanning the north stream.  Two
                pieces of artillery were immediately brought forward and
                placed so as to command the bridge and the infantry was
                brought into the town.  Before the latter could be deployed
                the Confederates returned in force and the Federal cavalry
                fell back in disorder without offering any resistance.  Seeing
                that it was impossible to hold his position, Carroll ordered a
                retreat toward Conrad's store, 15 miles down the river.  The
                Union loss on the 8th was 9 killed, 20 wounded and 1 missing.
                On the same day the battle of Cross Keys was fought and during
                the night Ewell's division joined the Confederates at Port
                Republic.  Early the next morning the enemy was seen massing
                his infantry and cavalry on Carroll's left, and before long
                was attacking in force on the right, held by the 7th Ind.
                under Col. James Gavin. Carroll with reinforcements went to
                Gavin's aid and succeeded in repulsing the attack but in the
                meantime the left gave way and the batteries were captured.
                The order to retreat was then given, the 5th Ohio infantry
                bringing up the rear.  The Confederates turned the captured
                guns on the retiring Federals, which created some confusion,
                but after falling back for some 4 or 5 miles reinforcements
                came up under Shields and repulsed the pursuing enemy.  The
                Federal losses on the 9th were 67 killed, 393 wounded and 558
                captured or missing.  The Confederate casualties were 2
                killed, 693 wounded and 36 missing.

Source: The Union Army, vol. 6 -----------------------------------------------------------------

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