Records of Events Company B

Station not stated, not dated June 7, 1861.- Muster-in roll of Captain Jonathan D. Wood's Company (B), in the Fourteenth Regiment (Second Brigade) of Indiana Foot Volunteers, commanded by Colonel Nathan Kimball, called into service of the United States by the President from June 7, 1861 (date of this muster) for the term of three years, unless sooner discharged. THOMAS J. WOOD, Lieutenant- Colonel, First Cavalry, Mustering Officer

Stationed at Cheat Mountain Summit, [west] Virginia, June 7- August 31, 1861.

Stationed at camp, September-October 1861.

Stationed at Camp Keyes, Romney, [west] Virginia, November- December 1861. December 2-5.- The company left Huttonsville, [West] Virginia; arrived at Philippi December 5, a distance of forty-five miles, under command of Captain [Mathew N.] Green. December 14.- Left Philippi by orders of Brigadier-General [Joseph Jones] Reynolds for the purpose of scouting the adjoining country. While out they came to several houses where Rebels lived, and in fact, the inhabitants of the whole neighborhood seemed considerably imbued with rebellious sentiments. The party captured thirteen men, three horses, two guns, and a pistol. Among the prisoners was the notorious Jacob Sterm, who for some time had been stealing and regularly carrying a mail to and from the Rebel camp on Greenbrier [River] to Winchester and elsewhere. December 15.- The party returned to Philippi and the captain received the commendations of General Reynolds for his action on the scout. December 18.- The company left Philippi. Marched to Webster, a distance of twelve miles. December 19-20.- The company left Webster by rail. Arrived at Green Springs [Spring Run, [West] Virginia December 20, a distance of 120 miles. December 21.- The company left Green Springs and marched to Romney, [west] Virginia, where it arrived the evening of December 21, a distance of sixteen miles. Total distance marched seventy-three miles. Total distance by rail 120 miles.

Stationed at Camp Chase, Paw Paw Tunnel, [west] Virginia, January-February 1862. January 7- The company left Romney, [West] Virginia on an expedition to Blues Gap, a distance of sixteen miles, where it arrived at 8 o'clock. Supported Howard's regular battery for two hours until the skirmishing was over. The company then returned to Romney, [west] Virginia, a distance of sixteen miles, where it arrived the same day. January 10-13.- The company left Romney, [west] Virginia and marched to North Branch Bridge, Maryland, where it arrived on January 13, a distance of twenty-two miles. February 6-7- The company left North Branch Bridge, Mary- land. Traveled by rail to Paw Paw Tunnel, [West] Virginia, where it arrived February 7, a distance of fifteen miles. February 10-14.- The company left Paw Paw Tunnel on an expedition to Bloomery Gap, where it arrived February 14, a distance of twenty miles. The company took three prisoners, among whom were two commissioned officers. The company returned to Paw Paw Tunnel the same day, a distance of twenty miles. Total distance 113 miles.

Starioned at camp near Harrisonburg, Virginia, March-April 1862. March 4-5.- The company left Paw Paw, [west] Virginia and traveled by rail to Back Creek, where it arrived on March 5, a distance of forty-one miles. Marched thence to Martinsburg, [West] Virginia, where it arrived on March 5, a distance of twelve miles. March 11-12.- The company left Martinsburg. Marched thence to Winchester, Virginia, where it arrived on March 12, a distance of twenty-two miles. March 18-20.- The company left Winchester on an expedition against the enemy and marched four miles south of Strasburg, Virginia, a distance of twenty-two miles. March 20 returned to Winchester, Virginia, a distance of twenty-two miles. March 22-25.- The company left Winchester, Virginia and engaged the enemy March 23. Fought all day; routed and pur- sued the enemy to Strasburg, Virginia, where it arrived March 25, a distance of eighteen miles. Private Edward Nesbit was killed in action March 23. [Corporal] Charles Kneggs, Corporal Jacob Just, Privates Benoni Reavis and Tristram D. Brown wounded in the action of March 23. Aprd 1.- The company left Strasburg, Virginia. Marched thence to Edenburg, Virginia, where it arrived the same date, a distance of sixteen miles. April 17- The company left Edenburg. Marched thence to New Market, Virginia, where it arrived the same date, a distance of twenty-five miles. April 25-27.- The company left New Market and marched thence to camp near Harrisonburg, Virginia, where it arrived April 27, a distance of ten miles. Total distance marched 147 miles. Total distance traveled by rail, forty-one miles.

Stationed at Alexandria, Virginia, May-June 1862. During a great portion of the time the company was deficient in shoes and other articles of clothing and equipments. Discipline has been enforced and the company has been in a healthy and efficient condition, excepting the wants above named, which have been almost wholly supplied. May 12-22.- The company marched from near New Market via Luray, Front Royal, Chester's Gap, Warrenton, and Catlen's Station to Fredericksburg on May 22; distance marched 131 miles. May 25.- Left Fredericksburg; marched via Catlett's Station, Manassas Junction, and Front Royal, distance ninety-six miles. May 30.- General Kimball attacked and took that town, 158 prisoners, a large lot of arms, materials and stores and retook seventeen Union soldiers. This company participated and behaved with its usual spirit. June 2.- Made a detour towards Strasburg; thence to Luray towards Port Republic, distance forty-eight miles. June 10.- Met the forces of Colonel [Samuel Spriggj Carroll and General [Erastus Barnard] Tyler retiring from the fight at Port Republic, where a desperate action had been fought by them, Kimball's forces covering the retreat; thence marched via Luray, Front Royal, Salem, White Plains to Bristoe Station on the Alexandria and Orange Railroad, resting at Luray and Front Royal. June 23.- Arrived; distance marched ninety-three miles. June 29.- Took the cars to Alexandria, Virginia and arrived the same day, distance twenty-nine miles. Total distance by railroad, twenty-seven miles. Total distance marched 368 miles. Total distance 395 miles.

Station not stated, July-August 1862. This company marched (by steamer) from Alexandria to Fort Monroe, 190 miles From thence to Harrison's Landing, sixty- five miles and vicinity six or seven miles; thence to Newport News via Charles City Court-House, Williamsburg and York- town, seventy-five miles. Thence by steamer to Alexandria, 198 miles. Thence marched to Georgetown, eleven miles. Total, 545 miles.

Station not stated, September-October 1862. September 1-15.- This company marched from Centrevihe, Vir- ginia via Chain Bridge, Rockville, Frederick City, and Middle- town to Antietam, Maryland, where it arrived September 15, a distance of ninety miles. September 17- Was engaged in the battle at Antietam, in which two members of the company were killed and seventeen wounded. September 22.- Marched to Harper's Ferry, flvest] Virginia, a distance of fifteen miles. October 1.- Marched on a reconnaissance to Leesburg, distance twenty miles. October 2.- Returned to Harper's Ferry, a distance of five miles. Total distance marched 150 miles.

Stationed at camp near Falmouth, Virginia, November-December 1862. November 1.- The company marched from camp five miles southeast of Harper's Ferry, [West] Virginia via Snickersville, Upperville, Rectortown, and Salem to Warrenton. Distance, forty miles. November 15.- Left Warrenton. Marched thence via Elk Run to near Falmouth, distance thirty-three miles. December 12.- Crossed the Rappahannock at Fredericksburg. December 13.- Took a very active pan in the battle, in which several of its number were wounded, two of which have since died. December 14.- Recrossed the river. Returned to camp near Falmouth. Total distance marched seventy-three miles.

Stationed near Falmouth, Virginia, January-February 1863.

Stationed at United States Ford, Virginia, March-April 1863.

Stationed near Falmouth, Virginia, April 10, 1863.

Stationed at Uniontown, Maryland, May-June 1863.

Stationed at east New York, July-August 1863.

Stationed near Warrenton, Virginia, September-October 1863.

Stationed near Stevensburg, Virginia, November 1863-April 1864.

Stationed at Indianapolis, Indiana, June 20, 1864. June 20.- Muster-out roll of Captain William Donaldson's, late Captain Mathew N. Green's, Company (B), in the Fourteenth Regiment of Indiana Volunteers, commanded by Lieutenant- Colonel E. H. C. Cavins, late John Coons, late Colonel William Harrow, late Colonel Nathan Kimball, called into the service of the United States by the President of the United States at Terre Haute, Indiana (the place of general rendezvous) on June 7, 1861 to serve for the term of three years from the date of enrollment, unless sooner discharged, from June 7, 1861 (when mustered in) to . The company was organized by Captain J. D. Wood at Vincennes, Indiana in the month of April 1861 and marched thence to Terre Haute, Indiana.

J.B. HAGER, Captain, Founeenth Infantry, Mustering Officer

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