Records of Events Company E

Stationed at cheat Mountain Summit, April 19-August 31, 1861.

Stationed at Terre Haute, Indiana, June 7, 1861. June 7.- Muster-in roll of Captain Noah S. Thompson's Com- pany (E), in the Fourteenth Regiment (Second Brigade) of Indiana Foot Volunteers, commanded by Colonel Nathan Kimball, called into service of the United States by the President from June 7, 1861 (date of this muster) for the term of three years, unless sooner discharged. ThOMAS J. WOOD, Lieutenant-Colonel, First Owairy, Mustering Officer.

Stationed at Huttonsville, [West] Virginia, September-October 1861.

Stationed at Camp Keyes, Romney, [West] Virginia, November- December 1861.

Stationed at Camp chase, Paw Paw, [West] Virginia, January- February 1862.

Station not stated, March-April 1862.

Stationed at Alexandria, Virginia, May-June 1862. May 12-14.- The company left New Market; crossed over the Massanutten Mountain into Page Valley, proceeding down the same to Front Royal, where it arrived on May 14. May 16-22.- Continued its march toward Fredericksburg, where it arrived May 22. We remained here but two days. May 25-30- Started back to Front Royal, passing Manassas Junction and through Thoroughfare Gap, arriving at Front Royal on May 30, having marched since May 12 about 244 miles. June 1-16.- Started up the Shenandoah River, continuing our march within thirteen miles of Port Republic, when we were ordered back to Front Royal, where we arrived June 16, having marched 100 miles. June 21-25.- Started for Bristoe Station, where it arrived June 25, a distance of forty-three miles, thus having marched since June 12, a distance of 387 miles on foot. June 29.- We were ordered to Alexandria, where we arrived the same day, a distance of twenty-one miles by railroad, making the whole number of miles traveled on foot and by rail, 418 miles.

Stationed near Rockville, MaryLand, July-August 1862. August 15.- The company left Harrison's Landing and marched to Newport News via Yorktown, a distance of seventy-five miles. August 27.- Embarked on board transport for Alexandria, where it arrived August 27. Marched from Alexandria to Centreville via Georgetown, a distance of twenty-five miles; from Centreville it marched to Tenallytown, a distance of thirty miles, making the whole distance marched 130 miles.

Stationed at camp near Harper's Ferry, September-October 1862. September 2-3.- The company marched from Centreville to Fair- far Court-House and from there to the Chain Bridge September 3, a distance of twenty-four miles; from there to Tenallytown, [District of Columbia], a distance of six miles, where it encamped. September 5-13.- We commenced our march to Frederick City via Rockville, Clarksburg and Hyattstown, a distance of forty-two miles, where we arrived September 13. We continued our match via Middletown, Boonsborough and Keedysville towards Sharps- burg, a distance of twenty miles. September 15-17.- We arrived near Antietam Creek, where we remained until the morning of September 17, when we were engaged in the battle of Antietam. September 22.- Remained on the battlefield until September 22, when we marched to Harper's Ferry, [West] Virginia, a distance of twelve miles, and went into camp on Bolivar Heights. October 1.- Marched on a reconnaissance via Lovettsville and Warerford towards Leesburg and returned via Hillsborough, a distance of forty-five miles. October 30.- Remained on Bolivar Heights until October 30 and marched eight miles in the direction of Leesburg; making the whole distance traveled 131 miles.

Stationed at camp near Falmouth, Virginia, November-December 1862. November 1-8- We left Hillsborough and commenced our march towards Warrenton via Snickersville, Upperville, Rector- town and Salem. Arrived at Warrenton November 8, a distance of fifty-five miles. November 15.- We left Warrenton and commenced our march towards Fredericksburg. November 19.- Arrived near Falmouth, a distance of forty-two miles. December 11-12.- We left camp; crossed the Rappahannock at Fredericksburg on December 12. December 13.- We were engaged in the battle of Fredericks- burg December 15.- We returned to camp, a distance of seven miles. The whole distance marched 104 miles.

Stationed near Falmouth, Wrginia, January-February 1863.

Stationed near Falmouth, Virginia, March-April 1863. April 28- The regiment marched from here to United States Ford. April 30.- The regiment crossed the river and marched to Chan- cellorsville Cross-Roads, in all a distance of fifteen mites.

Stationed at Uniontown, Maryland, May-June 1863. May 1.- Company E, with the regiment, at Chancellorsyille, Virginia. May 3.- In action with the regiment. Lost one killed, three wounded. May 4-5.- Threw up breastworks. May 6.- The regiment recrossed the Rappahannock. Loss, three enlisted men prisoners. Reoccupied the old camp near Falmouth. Distance marched fifteen miles. May 14.- Changed camp May 14. June 15-17.- The regiment received marching orders. Moved towards Dumfries, Virginia, where we arrived on the morning of June 16. Arrived at (Fayetteville] Station June 17. June 19-20- [Marched] to Centreville; June 20 to Gainesville, Virginia. June 25-28- Moved in the direction of Edwards Ferry, where we arrived on the night of June 26; Frederick Town [City], Maryland June 28. June 29.- We marched thirty-one miles to Uniontown, Mary- land. Miles marched 175.

Stationed at east New York, July-August 1863. Marched from Uniontown, Maryland to Gettysburg, Penn- sylvania, distance twenty-five miles. July 3.- Engaged in the battle of Gettysburg. Marched from Gettysburg to Harper's Ferry via Frederick City and Williamsport, Maryland, distance eighty-three miles. August 16.- From Harper's Ferry to Warrenton and Elk Run. Took transportation to Alexandria. Embarked on steamship Atlantic for east New York. Total distance marched 200 miles.

Stationed near Warrenton, Virginia, September-October 1863.

Stationed at Stevensburg, Virginia, November-December 1863.

Stationed at Stevensburg, Vfrginia, January-February 1864. February 6.- Marched at 7 a.m. towards Morton's Ford on the Rapidan River at 12 noon. Forded the river, water three feet deep. Remained in front of the enemy and under their fire until 11 p.m., when we recrossed the river. February 7- At 6 p.m. marched back to camp. Whole distance marched ten miles. No casualties in the company.

Stationed at Stevensburg, Virginia, March-April 1864.

Stationed at Indianapolis, Indiana, June 20, 1864. June 20- Muster-out roll of Nathan Willard's, late Captain N. S. Thompson's, Company (E), in the Founeenth Regiment of Indiana Volunteers, commanded by Colonel E. H. C. Cavins, called into the service of the United States by the President at Terre Haute, Indiana (the place of general rendezvous) on June 7, 1861 to serve for the term of three years from the date of enroll- ment, unless sooner discharged, from June 7, 1861 (when mus- tered in) to -. The company was organized by Captain N. S. Thompson at Evansville, Indiana in the month of April 1861 and marched thence to Terre Haute, a distance of 109 miles.

J.B. HAGER, Captain, Founteenth Infantry, Mustering Officer.

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