Records of Events Company D

Stationed at Terre Haute, Indiana, June 7, 1861. June 7- Muster-in roll of Captain Elijah H. C. Cavins' Com- pany (D), in the Fourteenth Regiment (Second Brigade) of Indiana Foot Volunteers, commanded by Colonel Nathan Kimball, called into service of the United States by the President from June 7, 1861 (date of this muster) for the term of three years, unless sooner discharged.

THOMAS J. WOOD, Lieutenant-Colonel, First Cavalry, Mustering Officer

Stationed at Cheat Mountain Summit, [west] Virginia, June 7- August 31, 1861.

Stationed at Hurtonsville, [west] Virginia, September-October 1861.

Stationed at Camp Keyes, Romney, [west] Virginia, November- December 1861.

Stationed at Camp Chase, Paw Paw, [west] Virginia, January- February 1862.

Stationed at Camp Cave, Virginia, March-April 1862. Stationed at Alexandria, Virginia, May-June 1862. May 5.- Marched from Camp Cave to New Market. May 12.- Commenced our march towards Fredericksburg via Luray, Front Royal, Warrenton, and Catlen's Station; thence back to Luray via Manassas Junction and Front Royal. June 8-16.- Commenced our march towards Port Republic. Marched within eight miles of that place and thence back to Luray June 15 and 16. June 21-24.- Marched to Front Royal. Marched to Bristoe Sta- tion. The aggregate number of miles marched during the two months is about 400.

Stationed near Rockville Maryland, July-August 1862. June 30-July 2.- Our regiment embarked at Alexandria, Vir- ginia; arrived at Harrison's Landing July 2, where we went into camp (about 260 miles). August 16-22.- Marched to Yorktown and thence to Newport News, where we arrived August 22, a distance of seventy-five miles. August 25-28.- Embarked for Alexandria, where we arrived August 28 (a distance of about 200 miles). Marched three miles beyond Alexandria, Virginia; camped. August 29.- Marched towards Georgetown (twelve miles) and thence to Centreville, Virginia, a distance of twenty-six miles. The aggregate number of miles marched during the two months is about 116.

Stationed near Hillsborough, Virginia, september-October 1862. September 2.- Our regiment marched from Centreville to Fairfax Court-House and from there to Chain Bridge, a distance of twenty-four miles. September 3.- Went to Tenallytown, six miles, where our Corps (Sumner's) encamped. September 5-13.- Commenced our march to Frederick City via Rockville, Clarksburg and Hyattstown, a distance of about forty- two miles, where we arrived September 13. We continued our march via Middletown, Boonsborough and Keedysville toward Sharpsburg (twenty miles). September 15.- We arrived near Antietam Creek. September 17-22.- Fought the great battle of Antietam, Mary- land; remained in the vicinity of Sharpsburg until September 22 and went from there to Harper's Ferry, [West] Virginia (a dis- tance of twelve miles), where we went into camp on Bolivar Heights. October 1-2.- Our brigade made a reconnaissance via Lovettsville and Waterford towards Leesburg and returned via Hillsborough, a distance of about forty-five or forty-six miles. October 30-31.- We remained on Bolivar Heights until yester- day, October 30, and marched about eight miles in the direction of Leesburg. The aggregate number of miles marched during the two months is about 160.

Stationed near Falmouth, Virginia, November-December 1862. November 1.- Our regiment marched via Hilisborough, Virginia to Gregory's Gap, eight miles. November 2.- Continued our march to Snickersville, Virginia, nine miles. November 3-9.- We proceeded to Upperville, Virginia, twelve miles, where we encamped until November 6. Said day we com- menced our march to Warrenton, Virginia via Rectortown, Pied- mont and Salem. Arrived there November 9 and went into camp two miles on the left of Warrenton, a distance of thirty-five miles. November 15-17- We commenced our march towards Freder- icksburg, Virginia via Warrenton Junction, where we arrived November 17, two miles from Falmouth and encamped (a dis- tance of forty-five miles). November 21-December 11.- We changed our camp one mile nearer to Fredericksburg, Virginia, where we remained until December 11. Said day our Army marched on to Fredericksburg, Virginia and remained that day this side the river. December 12-13.- We crossed the river. December 13 we were in an engagement with the Rebels three-fourths of a mile south of Fredericksburg. Said engagement was kept up during the next two days. December 15.- On account of our Army being repulsed, we recrossed again under the cover of the night and returned to our old camp (altogether a distance of seven and one-half miles). The aggregate number of miles marched during the last two months is about 117 1/2.

Stationed at Falmouth, Virginia, January-February 1863. Neither actions or marches have taken place during the past two months. Stationed at United States Ford, Virginia, March-April 1863. April 28.- The regiment marched from here to United States Ford and thence to Chancellorsville Cross-Roads, Virginia, a distance of about fifteen miles.

Stationed near Falmouth, Virginia, April 10, 1863. Stationed at Uniontown, Maryland, May-June 1863. June 14.- The regiment marched from Falmouth, Virginia to Uniontown, Maryland, a distance of 110 miles.

Stationed at east New York, July-August 1863. The company marched with the regiment from Uniontown, Maryland to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, a distance of fifteen miles. July 2-3.- Participated in the battle of Gettysburg. Marched from thence to Elk Run, Virginia, a distance of 110 miles. Thence by rail to Alexandria, Virginia and thence to east New York by steamboat.

Stationed near Warrenton, Virginia, September-October 1863.

Stationed at Stevensburg, Virginia, November 1863-April 1864.

Stationed at Indianapolis, Indiana, June 20, 1864. June 20.- Muster-out roll of First Lieutenant Robert McNaught's, late Captain John S. Simons', late Captain [Balthazer B.] Tremelin's, late Captain E. H. C. Cavins', Com- pany (D), in the Fourteenth Regiment of Indiana Foot Volunteers, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel E. H. C. Cavins, late John Coons, late Colonel William Harrow, late Colonel Nathan Kim- ball, called into the service of the United States by the President at Terre Haute, Indiana (the place of general rendezvous) on June 7, 1861 to serve for the term of three years from the date of enrollment, unless sooner discharged, from June 7, 1861 (when first mustered) to June 6, 1864 when mustered out. The company was organized by Captain E. H. C. Cavins at Bloomfield, Indiana in the month of May 1861 and marched thence to Terre Haute, where it arrived June 1, a distance of forty-six miles.

J. B. HAGER, Captain, Fourteenth Infantry, Mustering Officer.

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