Records of Events Company G

Stationed at Terre Haute, Indiana, June 7, 1861. June 7.- Muster-in roll of Captain John Coons' Company (G), in the Fourteenth Regiment (Second Brigade) of Indiana Foot Volunteers, cornmanded by Colonel Nathan Kimball, called into service of the United States by the President from June 7, 1861 (date of this muster) for the term of three years, unless sooner discharged.

THOMAS J. WOOD, Lieutenant-Colonel, First Cavairy, Mustering Officer.

Stationed at camp at Cheat Mountain Summit, [West] Virginia, August31, 1861.

Stationed at Huttonsville, September-October 1861. September 13.- Twenty members of the company, with forty men from two Ohio regiments, under the command of Captain Coons, while upon a scouting expedition, encountered in the val- ley, three miles from Camp Elk Water, a considerable force of the enemy. Engaged them for a time but were obliged to retire from superior numbers after killing, it is thought, sixty of the Rebels and capturing two contrabands. Returning to camp, they met in the pass between Camp Cheat Mountain Summit and Camp Elk Water, another force of Rebels and succeeded in making their way to camp, having lost in the two engagements four wounded and two missing, who are probably prisoners. October 3.- The company also formed part of the armed recon- naissance that visited Camp Barton. October 8- Moved with the regiment from Camp Cheat Moun- tain Summit to camp at Huttonsville, [west] Virginia.

Stationed at Romney, [West] Virginia, November-December 1861.

Stationed at Camp Chase, Paw Paw, [West] Virginia, January- February 1862.

Stationed at Camp Mason, Virginia, March-April 1862. Engaged with the regiment in battle of Winchester. Formed part of the expedition that captured a body of Ashby's Rebel cav- alry ten miles west of Mount Jackson.

Stationed at Alexandria, May-June 1862. May 5.- Marched from Camp Cave near Harrisonburg to New Market. May 12-22.- Left for Fredericksburg, Virginia, marching via Front Royal, reaching former place May 22. May 25-30- Left Fredericksburg. Marched by the way of Man- assas Junction to Front Royal, reaching the latter place May 30. June 1-16.- Marched from Front Royal to Luray, then to Columbia Bridge; countermarched to Luray, then marched to Conrad's Store, then returned to Front Royal. Reached latter place June 16. June 21-24.- Left Front Royal, marching to Bristoe Station, Orange and Alexandria Railroad, on June 24 June 29.- Traveled by rail to Alexandria, Virginia. Whole dis- tance traveled about 435 miles.

Stationed near Rockville, Maryland, July-August 1862. August 16-22.- Left Harrison's Landing marching via Williams- burg and Yorktown, arriving at Newport News August 22. Dis- tance marched about sixty miles. August 26-2&- Left Newport News per steamship Illinois, arriving at Alexandria August 28. August 29-30.- Left camp at Alexandria; marched to Arlington Heights August 30. August 31.- Marched via Fairfax Court-House, arriving at Cen- treville; distance marched about thirty-five miles.

Stationed in the field, September-October 1862. September 2.- Left Centreville; marched via Chain Bridge and Rockville, Maryland to Frederick City, distance ninety miles. September 13.- Left Frederick City. Marched to Keedysville, distance twenty-three miles. September 16-17.- Engaged in battle at Antietam. Lost two pri- vates killed and a captain, two corporals and eight privates wounded. September 22.- Marched to Harper's Ferry, distance thirteen miles. October 1-2.- Reconnaissance to Leesburg, Virginia, distance twenty-five miles. October 2 returned to Harper's Ferry.

Stationed at Falmouth, Virginia, November-December 1862. October 30.- Left Harper's Ferry. Marched to Warrenton, Vir- ginia, a distance of forty miles. November 16.- Left Warrenton, Virginia. Marched to Fal- mouth, Virginia; distance thirty-three miles. Total distance marched seventy-three miles. December 1.- The company took part in action [at the] battle of Fredericksburg.

Stationed at Falmouth, Virginia, January-April 1863.

Stationed at Uniontown, Maryland, May-June 1863.

Stationed at east New York, July-August 1863.

Stationed at camp near Warrenton, Virginia, September-October 1863.

Stationed at Stevensburg, Virginia. November 1863-April 1864.

Stationed at Indianapolis, Indiana, June 20, 1864. June 20.- Muster-out roll of Captain William H. Patterson's, late Captain John Coons', Company (G), in the Fourteenth Regi- ment of Indiana Foot Volunteers, commanded by Lieutenant- Colonel E. H. C. Cavins, late Colonel John Coons, late Colonel William Harrow, late Colonel Nathan Kimball, called into the service of the United States by the President at Terre Haute, Indi- ana (the place of general rendezvous) on June 7, 1861 to serve for the term of three years from the date of enrollment, unless sooner discharged, from June 7, 1861. The company was organized by Captain John Coons at Vincennes, Indiana in the month of April 1861 and marched thence to Terre Haute, Indiana, where it arrived May 11, a distance of fifty-six miles.

J.B. HAGER, Captain, Fourteenth Infantery, Mustering Officer

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