Records of Events Company K

Stationed at Camp Cheat Mountain, April 22-August 31, 1861.

Stationed at Terre Haute, Indiana, June 7, 1861. June 7.- Muster-in roll of Captain James R. [Kelly's] Company (K), in the Fourteenth Regiment (Second Brigade) of Indiana Foot Volunteers, commanded by Colonel Nathan Kimball, called into service of the United States by the President from June 7, 1861 (date of this muster) for the term of three years, unless sooner discharged.


Lieutenanr Colon el, First CavalQ', Mustering Officer.

Stationed at camp at Huttonwille, [west] Virginia, September- October 1861.

Stationed at Camp Keyes, Romney, [West] Virginia, November- December 1861.

Stationed at Camp Chase, Paw Paw Station, [West] Virginia, January -February 1862.

Station not stated, March-April 1862.

Stationed at Alexandria, Virginia, May-June 1862. May 11-20.- Took up the line of march from New Market for Fredericksburg by way of Front Royal and Catlert's Station. Arrived opposite Fredericksburg May 20. May 23.- Were reviewed by President Lincoln. May' 24-30.- Took up line of march for Front Royal by way of Manassas Junction. Arrived at Front Royal on May 30. June 1-3.- Took line of march for Luray; arrived June 3. June 5-6.- Marched from Luray to Columbia Bridge. June 6 returned to Luray. June &- Took up line of march for Conrad's Store. June 10-12.- Took up line of march for Luray, arriving June 12. June 15-16.- Took up line of march for Front Royal and arrived June 16, at which place we were paid for the months of March and April. June 22-24.- Took up line of march for Bristoe Station. Arrived June 24 June 29.- Were transported by rail to Alexandria; arrived and went aboard transports bound for Fortress Monroe, having marched a distance of 413 miles and transported by rail twenty- seven miles, making a total of 440 miles.

Stationed at Rockville, Maryland, July-August 1862.

Stationed in the field, September-October 1862.

Stationed at Falmouth, Virginia, December 31, 1862. During the last two months the company has made the fol- lowing marches, etc. From Snicker's Gap to Warrenton, a distance of about fifty miles. November 20.- From there to Falmouth, distance thirty-five miles, where we arrived November 20. December 13.- Engaged in the battle of Fredericksburg.

Stationed at Falmouth, Virginia, January-February 1863.

Stationed at Falmouth, Virginia, March-April 1863. April 28.- Being under marching orders we left camp and marched to United States Ford on the Rappahannock River, fif- teen miles above Fredericksburg, and bivouacked for the night. April 30.- Crossed the river and marched to Chancellorsville.

Stationed at Uniontown, Maryland, Mat'-June 1863. May 3.- The company, with the regiment, was engaged in the battle of Chancellorsville. Marched from Falmouth, Virginia to Uniontown, Maryland, a distance of 200 miles.

Stationed at east Nnv York, July-August 1863. Marched from Uniontown, Maryland to Gettysburg, Penn- sylvania, a distance of eighty miles. July 3.- Engaged in the battle of Gettysburg. July 5.- Marched from Gettysburg to Williamsport, from thence to Harper's Ferry, from thence to Elk River, Virginia. [Marched] from thence to Alexandria, Virginia by railroad, from Alexandria to east New York.

Stationed near Warrenton, Virginia, September-October 1863.

Stationed at Stevensburg, Virginia, November-December 1863. Marched from Turkey Run, Virginia to Brandy Station, Vir- ginia, from thence to Mountain Run, Virginia, from thence to Roberts' Farm, Virginia. November 29.- [Marched] from thence to Mine Run, Virginia, at which place the company was engaged in a skirmish on November 29. Marched from Mine Run, Virginia to Stevensburg.

Stationed at Stevensburg, Virginia, January-Februay 1864. Februay 6.- The company, with the regiment, was engaged in the skirmish at Morton's Ford.

Stationed ar Stevensburg, Virginia, March-Aprd 1864.

Stationed at Indianapolis, Indiana, June 20, 1864. June 20- Muster-out roll of Captain John F. Douglass' Com- pany (K), in the Fourteenth Regiment of Indiana Foot Volunteers, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel E. H. C. Cavins, called into the service of the United States by the President at Terre Haute, Indiana (the place of general rendezvous) on June 7, 1861 to serve for the term of three years from the date of enrollment, unless sooner discharged, from June 7, 1861 (~~hen mustered in) to June 6, 1864 when mustered out. The company was organized by Captain James R. Kelly at Bloomington in the month of April 1861 and marched thence to Terre Haute, where it arrived May 10, a distance of seventy-five miles. . .


Captain, Founeenth Infantry, Afustering Officer.

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