Battle History


JULY 11TH, 1861

Rich Mountain, Va, July 11, 1861, U.S. Volunteers commanded by Brig.-Gen. W. S. Rosecrans. Gen. Rosecrans, with the 8th, 9th and 13th Ind. and 19th Ohio infantry, and Burdsal's cavalry, moved against the Confederate position on Richmountain, the skirmishes of the 1Oth Ind. being the first to encounter the enemy's pickets. Owing to the dense thickets it was sometime before Rosecrans could properly deploy his troops. While he was forming his men in an open space the enemy opened a vigorous fire of both artillery and musketry, but as soon as the line was formed the Federals advanced steadily, causing the Confederates to show signs of wavering, when a charge put them to flight, leaving several of the dead and wounded on the field. The Union loss was 11 killed and 35 wounded.The enemy's casualties were not learned.
Source: The Union Army, vol. 6

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